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Mr. Patel gets to know the transaction profile of his loyal customers. He can reach those customers that match this profile but haven't visited him.


Once his perfect campaign is crafted, our partner banks will send his offer to his target customers via SMS/mail/mobile banking app.


Targeted customers simply need to swipe their card at Mr. Patel's shop to redeem the offer. No POS integrations or staff training overheads.


Mr. Patel can also gain actionable insights from Connaizen's portal to shape his marketing strategies and better influence his customers.

How it works

Spend-based Micro Targeting

By understanding customers' transaction history available with our partner banks, Connaizen’s proprietary technology profiles each customer using 100+ features which in the physical world translate to a customer being an impulsive shopper, a spendthrift, etc. While doing so, we don’t use any personally identifiable information (PII) of the customer.

As shown in the illustration, every customer-merchant interaction is ranked statistically to understand the affinity of a customer towards a particular merchant. Connaizen’s machine learning algorithms then derive the correlations between every merchant for whom customer profile suits that of Mr. Patel’s shop.

Fun Fact: Data says that most of these correlated merchants are NOT his direct competitors.
Basis this insight, Mr. Patel can now target a completely new customer base who have a high likelihood to become his loyal customers. All he has to do is aim his campaign to such customers using Connaizen's merchant portal and Voila! Mr. Patel gets many to-be-loyal new customers.

Merchant Portal

Your Partner in Marketing

Connaizen's proprietary machine learning algorithms analyze bank’s consumers’ transaction data to enable merchants target Right-Offer-to-Right-Consumer. Our ‘purchase-based targeting’ platform allows you to, - Clearly segment and target the desired market segment - Create campaigns and push customized offers to consumers - Optimize ad-spend and measure impact and - Understand/analyze competition for competitive benchmarking.

Connaizen stats
Transaction analyzed 32 Million Plus
Customer Reached 2.5 Million Plus
We work with 2 out of top 5 banks.

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