Spend Intelligence for Quick Service Restaurants: Why being the quickest doesn’t guarantee winning!

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Marketing in the quick service restaurants is pretty much synonymous to preparing for your perfect date. You can spend all the time in preparing it well before the day, presenting it in the most appealing manner, but everything goes for a dump if your right one doesn’t turn up.

With the quick service restaurants (QSR) sector in India currently growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% and is likely to touch Rs. 25,000 crore mark by 2020 from the current level of Rs 8,500 crore, according to an analysis by apex industry body Assocham, it is nearly infeasible to spend time and money on marketing efforts that won’t catch the attention of the target segment or worse, none at all.

With a young population, a high rate of urbanization, rising disposable incomes, increased participation of women in the workforce, increased exposure to international cuisine, industry sources envision growth within the QSR sector. “About 50% of India’s population eats out at least once in every three months and eight times in every month in bustling metros as compared to the US (14 times),Brazil (11 times),Thailand (10 times) and China(9 times)” according to the chamber analysis released by Secretary General Assocham.

Why market smarter than others?

Consumers today aren’t just connected, they’re hyper connected which makes retailers believe that the consumers are now more engaged with their brand – the reality is that hyper connected consumers have more opportunities to leave a brand given the plethora of other alternatives that too just a click away.

Now, just because the last month was a splurge in sales because you launched a BOGO offer, doesn’t mean this month will continue to be the same. So you need to channelize your marketing efforts according to the ever evolving spending patterns of the prospective consumers and make sure you don’t just have the right taste ready for them but also the right bait to make them enter your store. We’ll leave preparing the meal to your kitchen. You can leave the rest to us.

Make intelligent targeting your cup of tea!

Money invested should come back multiplied manifold. Make sure your brand is reaching customers with the highest degree of intent at just the right time. Using Connaizen’s spend based intelligence you can separate the ones who tried you once for taste from the ones who need you rather more regularly. There will definitely be some 30 year olds who cook at home and some who don’t. Doesn’t really make sense to lure both with the same bait, right?

This dichotomy right there is where spend based intelligence comes into the picture. To drill a step deeper. To make more informed decisions and to create a more curated marketing as well as a strategic campaign helping you to cater to different customers the right way.

Optimal consistency is the key!

With new entrants in the market every passing day, it’s imperative for restaurants and the online retailers to indulge in marketing which is highly promotional in nature to keep themselves top-of-mind with potential customers. Keeping this in view, we understand such promotions might be a huge cost which is why it’s about time you treat your offers as a privilege making sure they reach all but only the right hands.

Consistent promotions help in increasing the recall value of the brand among others. To say the least, Connaizen, through its spend based micro targeting offers a one stop solution to tap and understand all the high intent customers for you. And did we mention, they’re seldom the same as your competitors. Each brand has its own taste, its own image which attracts different sets of customers. Then why target your competitors? We help you find the right ones and as they say, data is the new daata (almighty). Consider of us as the mavens carrying the message!